It’s All About Me

Hello, this is me.

Stephen Greene Image

My name is Stephen Greene.  I teach English as a foreign language.  I write this blog and couldn’t think of a very creative name so I went with Greene Languages.

I’ve been an English teacher for 20 years (!) or so.  After scraping through my CELTA by the skin of my teeth, I worked for a year in Poland before moving on to Taiwan and then Brazil.  In Brazil, I worked at an amazing school called Liberty in the city of Curitiba.  That year fired my desire to make teaching a career and so I returned to the UK to do a DELTA.

Following my DELTA, which I passed with considerable more ease than the CELTA, I aleternated between Brazil and the UK.  I took a year out to go back to my home city of Birmingham and study for an MA in Linguistics, before moving to Brazil permanently (so far) 10 years ago.  I spent the first 5 years in Rio de Janeiro and now I am back in Curitiba.

Nowadays, I teach private classes face-to-face and online, as well doing some teacher training and providing bespoke workshops.  I have also been involved with materials development projects for the British Council as well as publishing books for Pearson and Cambridge University Press.

I am married with a son who is about to turn 5.  We are working at bringing him up to be bilingual in Portuguese and English.  I write about this little project on a different site called Head of the Heard.