First Time


First time, first love, oh what feeling is this?

A crap song but, hopefully, it will now be going around your head for the rest of the day in a perfect example of an earworm.  When I was a teenager this song was popular due to being used for an advert for Coke and the opportunities for taking the Mickey out of any of our friends or rivals if they so much as hinted at kissing a girl.

Just in case you don’t know what I’m going on about, here is the video so that you too can have the irritating refrain on repeat inside your head for the rest of the week.

I haven’t thought about that dreadful song for nearly two decades but recently, it has come back to me like Malaria has a habit of doing.  The reason is that I have been contemplating starting a new blog to write about all things teaching English.

And here it is.

My first time, first blog…

It’s not quite my first time.  My real first time was with TMEnglish.  But I haven’t done anything with that for so long it felt easier just to start afresh rather than going back to an old flame.

I also do some writing for Richmond Share, when I remember my deadline.  I love this site, but writing for someone else…  Well, there’s those deadlines and while I have freedom to write about anything I want, it isn’t the same freedom as really writing about anything you want.

Richmond Share will still be there and TME will always have a special place in my heart, but these days it’s all about Greene Languages.

Old flames, can’t hold a candle to you…

(That’s an even older one than the Coke ad and will be with me until the day I die, courtesy of my dad’s attempts to murder it every Sunday morning.)

I’m still not quite sure what exactly this blog will be about, other than vaguely teaching English.  I doubt there is going to be a pattern to what I write, nor any sense of a philosophy or manifesto appearing from my thoughts.

The only reason to write this stuff down and impose on people who might stumble upon it when they really should be doing something else is to get these ramblings out of my head.  If it sticks around in other people’s heads I will not be blamed.

I need space for crap songs, not thoughts about what I do for a living.


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